Tsavo West National park and Tsavo East National Park were once a single mega-park, they were separated decades ago, along a line coinciding with the Mombasa highway – and they feel like quite distinct national parks with different eco-systems: the open, flat-to-undulating plains and scattered bush of Tsavo East National Park and the much more wooded, hilly landscapes, dotted with volcanic cones and dramatic, black lava flows, that characterize Tsavo West National Park.

The rugged landscape of Tsavo West is the result of both old and more recent volcanic activity. The park consists of savannah interspersed with open plains, grassland, savannah, mountains, semi-desert, cliffs, and volcanic ridges. 

The Ngulia Hills even reach up to 1830 m altitude. Because these heights there are several places with great vantage points. Tsavo West is best known for Mzima Springs, the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, the lava landscape and the ability to climb mountains. In the rainy season, the park turns into a green Landscape



It is located on the boundary of Tsavo east national park offering spectacular view of the nearby volcanic features, African savannah grasslands and natural breathtaking views of Tsavo national park. one of the largest parks in Kenya.it is roughly a 4 hour drive from Nairobi and 2 hour drive from Mombasa and it is 5 […]


Finch Hattons is in Tsavo West National Park near Chyulu hills. It is one of the luxurious tented camp in Tsavo West National Park. From Nairobi to the camp it is around 7 hours’ drive and from Mombasa is it around 6 hours’ drive depenTding with the traffic in the highway it may take less […]


Kilaguni Serena lodge is in Tsavo West National Park on a ridge making you be able to view Chyulu hills at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is roughly 280 kms from Nairobi and it can take approximately 5 hours to drive to the lodge. From Mombasa it takes approximately 4 hours to drive there. […]


Ngulia safari lodge is in Tsavo West National Park and is roughly 260 kms from Nairobi and can be accessed through Mtito Andei Gate. It is roughly 250 kms from Mombasa and can be accessed through Tsavo River Gate. The lodge is just below Ngulia Hills on the Ndawe Escarpments in Tsavo west. The lodge has 52 […]


Set against the backdrop of the rugged but scenic Ngulia Hills, Rhino Valley Lodge offers the most idyllic view of the pristine Tsavo West National Park, which teams with nature’s wildlife – the lion, buffalo, elephant, cheetah, leopard, hippo, rhino and thousands of savannah wildlife. These can be viewed all year round the verandas of […]


Severin Safari Camp is located in Tsavo West National Park, approximately 250km from Mombasa and Nairobi. In Tsavo West National Park it is located near mzima springs, Tsavo river and Tsavo West volcanic landscapes. From Mtito Andei gate it takes roughly 40 minutes’ drive and there is an airstrip 25 minutes away. The camp offers 27 […]


The lodge is situated in one of the World’s largest parks, the Tsavo National Park, it is roughly 160 km from Mombasa and 330km from Nairobi. This lodge is inside Tsavo east National Park and it has a man made water hole which is frequently visited by wild animals and you can walk inside a […]