Tsavo is made up of two separate parks, Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park. Located in Coast Province of Kenya in between Nairobi City and Mombasa.Tsavo is nearly 22,000km2, being the largest national park in Kenya and one of the largest in the world. The park was split into two due to the railway going from Mombasa to the interior of Kenya.

The park can be accessed by three main gates, from Voi through the Manyani gate, from Mombasa through the Bachuma gate or from Malindi through the Sala gate. Any road safari from Mombasa Tsavo east is a must. There are also several airstrips in the park that allow chartered light planes.Inside the park, the Athi and Tsavo rivers converge to form the Galana River.Most of the park consists of semi-arid grasslands and savanna.It is considered one of the world’s biodiversity strongholds, and its popularity is mostly due to the vast amounts of diverse wildlife that can be seen, including the famous ‘big five’ consisting of Masai lion, black rhino, cape buffalo, elephant and leopard. The park is also home to a great variety of bird life such as the black kite, crowned crane, lovebird and the sacred ibis. You can read more on the park at kws Tsavo east page



Ashnil Aruba  Lodge is close to Aruba Dam in Tsavo east. The Lodge derived its name from the Aruba Dam and overlooks the dam which is frequently visited by wild animal moreover is ideal for Guests wishing to stay at the heart of Tsavo east. The Lodge has 40 Delux rooms and 6 en suite tents each […]


Galdessa Camp is located in Tsavo East National Park, from Nairobi it takes roughly five hours through the Nairobi-Mombasa highway and from Mombasa it takes roughly four hours to the camp depending on the traffic. One can also get to the camp by air with the flight taking approximately 40 minutes from Mombasa and 1 […]


Manyatta Camp is located along Voi river approximately 330km from Nairobi and 150km from Mombasa. It is in the grasslands of Tsavo East national park. Offering a spectacular view of Tsavo east national park since the camp borders. Tsavo East National Park one of the largest National parks and amazing views of volcanic features such […]

Ngutuni Safari lodge

Ngutuni Lodge is a luxury safari lodge located in the heart of a 10,000-acre private Ngutuni game sanctuary, surrounded on three sides by Tsavo East National Park. There is no fence between Tsavo east and Ngutuni sanctuary allowing animals to roam around. The lodge has a waterhole. The restaurant and all the rooms are bult […]


Satao Camp offers its guests the classical ‘Out of Africa’ experience. Spacious tented accommodation is complemented by first-class cuisine and genuine hospitality. Your time at Satao is yours to do as much or as little as you please, and our attentive team will ensure you are always well cared for. Every guest is warmly welcomed […]


The camp is in Tsavo East national park Kenya. The Sentrim camp Tsavo East is spread out in a shadowed glad among the bosky trees. The climate is generally hot and dry with cool breeze from time to time. Sentrim camp Is a luxury camp which is design with a modern amenities.it contain of 20 standard tents […]


The lodge is situated in one of the World’s largest parks. Tsavo National Park is roughly 160 km from Mombasa and 330km from Nairobi. Voi Safari Lodge is inside Tsavo East National Park and it has a manmade water hole which is frequently visited by wild animals and you can walk inside a tunnel to […]


Zomeni Lion hill Lodge Zomeni Lion hill Lodge is Situated on ‘Mlima ya Simba’ (Swahili for lion hill) at the boarder of Tsavo East National Park at Voi Gate. Enjoying fantastic scenery and wildlife of the legendary Tsavo, the lodge is conveniently accessible. Zomeni Lion Hill Lodge boasts traditional architecture with makuti-thatched roofs and natural […]

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