The Ark luxury hotel is set in the heart of Aberdare national park Kenya. The Ark overlooks a floodlit waterhole and salt lick which attracts a host of awesome wildlife. The ark is designed with four view deck from which numerous balconies and lounges provide superb vantage points for game view. At ground level bunker provides excellent photographic opportunities and you closer than you would believe possible to the animal, the animal come to you!

The Ark boasts an impressive range of luxurious amenities and services, ensuring that guests enjoy the utmost indulgence during their stay. From spacious and exquisitely furnished rooms and suites to world-class dining options featuring a fusion of international and local cuisine, every detail is carefully curated to exceed expectations. The hotel’s spa and wellness facilities provide a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a wide array of treatments and therapies.

What truly sets the Ark apart is its unique wildlife experience. Located within a wildlife sanctuary or adjacent to a national park, the hotel offers unparalleled opportunities to observe and interact with a diverse array of flora and fauna. Guests can embark on guided safaris, nature walks, or birdwatching excursions, immersing themselves in the beauty of the natural world.

With its blend of luxury, nature, and exceptional service, the Ark luxury hotel stands as an icon of unparalleled hospitality, creating unforgettable memories for its esteemed guests