Samburu Sopa lodge is one of Kenya’s most famous wildlife areas. Home to the rare northern part of Kenya. “Species” of Beisia Oryx, gerenuk, gravy’s zebras. The lodge is about 165km size and placed within the ancestral lands of Samburu who are closed relation to the Masai.
The lodge contains 15 cottages, each room with a 2-bedroom ad are built in an arch formation on either side of the public area to surround the water hole but leaving a wide gap to allow animal-free movement to the water.
Each room follows the exterior design of centuries-old Samburu housing. The rooms have much higher ceilings, far larger windows, and much more flow space and en-suite bathroom.
Sopa Samburu lodge is well-spaced, has 2 airy and comfortable. The guest room is tastefully furnished with queen-sized beds, a large dressing area, lavishly appointed, bathroom and an open-air veranda which overlooks the water hole.
Swimming pool, traditional dance, nature walk, gift shop, sundowner, birds watching, hairdryers, outdoor dining and laundry are also available at the lodge.

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