Manyatta Camp is located along Voi river approximately 330km from Nairobi and 150km from Mombasa. It is in the grasslands of Tsavo East national park. Offering a spectacular view of Tsavo east national park since the camp borders.

Tsavo East National Park one of the largest National parks and amazing views of volcanic features such as sagalla, mwakingali and kasigau hills.
Safari camp makes the safari to life for while having your overnight stay. your night will also be a safari night since you will hear wild animals from their homes. It’s kind of a wild animal’s lullaby. How amazing!!!!!
An exclusive Luxury camp consisting of 24 suite luxury tents.
Which comes with a king-size four-poster bed and with its private swimming pool and amazing, views of the Tsavo east national park and Voi River.
Each tent have astonishing views of Voi river and Tsavo national park and the tents are raised over the ground for you to enjoy the beautiful view of the African Savannah Grasslands.

This also offers you a chance to see wild animals in their environment. as the animals come to the river to drink water, wild animals such as elephants, buffaloes, lions, baboons, antelopes, etc.
Restaurant is on the second floor to offer you amazing views of the Tsavo National Park so while having a selection of mouth-watering dishes both local and international. yourself will have your safari before safari by spotting animals from the camp, or a safari after your safari at the amazing Tsavo National Park.
It’s safari all the way! From your Manyatta camp.