Lions Bluff Taita hills and will take approximately 4 hours to get to the lodge from Mombasa and 5 hours from Nairobi depending on the traffic.It is located on a hilly place thus making you have a brilliant view of the plains and Mount Kilimanjaro.

The lodge has 12 semi tented bandas. which are amazing, and each room is en suite and has a veranda to ensure guests have a brilliant view of the plains and the beautiful African Savannah.

The service is amazing since the staffs are well trained and experienced, and friendly and helpful. The food offered in this lodge is tasty and mouthwatering both local and international.

From the lodge one can view the golden green Savannah grasslands which will take your breath away for how magnificent it is, just enjoying African Beauty and view Mount Kilimanjaro the snow caped mountain.

Wild animals frequently visit near the lodge to drink water, so the lodge serves food near that place to ensure the guest has a closer look. Animals such as elephants are the most frequent visitors. The lodge also offer bush breakfast, sun downing with a magnificent view of both Taita hills and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Brilliant sunset views with fire pit and dinner being served under the stars. Apart from wild animals and magnificent views of the plains and other physical features you will also be entertain with melodies of different birds’ species.

The weather is unlike in Mombasa since the lodge is in Taita hills it is cool especially at night. This is one of the lodges which will make you have a memorable safari!