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The desert of Kenya Safari

Samburu, Aberdare, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara
8 Days, 7 nights Safari
Min Persons 2 Pax
Max Persons 6 Pax Tour Code: Oes22

Day 1 Jomo Kenyatta international airport to Nairobi Hotel

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After a long tiresome'll be received warmly by our cheerful attendant at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and taken to your highly rated hotels for a relaxing time and Have time to freshen up. it’s here That you'll spend the rest of the evening till the following morning.

You be on Bed and breakfast in your accommodation.

Premium: Ole Sereni

Day 2 Nairobi Hotel to Samburu National reserve

After a relaxing night at our luxurious hotel, the tour to samburu national reserve will begin early morning after Breakfast. You will leave the exciting glamour of the city and head toward the outskirts. Its approximately 442.5 km to samburu national reserve and will take 5 hours 45 minute. Out of Nairobi....through the Thika super highway, you will have smooth ride. Through Thika. where you will see a very large pineapple plantation to your right. From then on, the topography changes to that of the highlands, mostly hilly terrain with bushes alongside the road. Through Makuyu...where the area is almost deserted with just a few buildings. The place is also hot and dry. As you approach Nyeri, you

will observe large tea plantations. Nanyuki is relatively hot since its equatorial area. Isiolo is also very hot and semi deserted with few plantations to observe. Then through Archers post and finally

our long-awaited destination. Samburu National Reserve has a hot and dry climate during the day with temperatures ranging from 20°C-30°C and cool during the night

You are also on Full board accommodation and will have your lunch on arrival after which, you will have the privilege of an afternoon game drive. You have a vast variety of dishes to choose from. From the different traditional foods from all over the tribes of Kenya. Samburu National Reserve is a rugged and semi desert park located in The Rift Valley with a natural serene and gives the sensation of a quiet feeling. It is 104sq Kilometers in size and the river Uaso Nyiro runs through the reserve drawing large

numbers of different animals which include the following Nile crocodile, long Necked gerenuk, Lions, Reticulated giraffe, Gravy’s zebra and Beisa onyx

You will be toured through the park in a 4×4 land cruiser Jeep and have a close-up view of the animals.

As dusk approaches, you will then head back to your hotels and be treated to A hearty evening meal before we all head separate ways till the next morning.

Premium Accommodation: Ashnil samburu lodge

Day 3: Samburu National Reserve

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You ready for an exciting tour today? I guess very excited actually. Well, samburu national park has over 350 bird species you will notice. From the vultures to the marabous, Somali ostrich, guinea fowl, kingfisher and many more. The samburu tribe Also lives around and you will observe and even interact with them and experience their Culture. They mostly lead a nomadic and pastoral life. You will also purchase Souvenirs and collectibles to take back with you on your return. You will notice on your morning and evening game drive the cheetahs, lions, elephants, buffalos, hippos and leopards who mostly visit during the evenings. Samburu National Reserve is a savanna grassland Area with clusters of acacia trees forest, thorn trees and grassland vegetation

Day 4: Samburu National Reserve to Aberdare


Let’s now head to the fascinating central highlands, where the morning soft breeze kisses our

Cheeks and eases our souls. Where the air we breathe is so pure and clean. After breakfast

Our journey begins. It’s a situated 224 kilometers from samburu national reserve and will take approximately 4 Hours back through Archers the hot weather Isiolo through nyeri. Where the kikuyu people are situated and finally arrive at our destination

In time for an afternoon game viewing from the lodge's balconies and hides because visibility is very poor due to the dense forest we will be no game drive.

Aberdare being the home of the second largest herd of endangered Black rhinos also have pretty African elephants, black leopard, Lions, black and white colobus monkey, bongo antelope, baboons.

Although Aberdare National Park is closer to the altitude Governs the climate. The place is cooler than lower plains and coastal areas. There are over 250 species of birds from the hawks to the go shawks Plovers, sunbirds, eagles among others. The area has rich red volcanic soil hence a rich indigenous forest. There are peak hills, streams and waterfalls in the park too.

sports like trout fishing in ice cold Guru Karura and chania rivers is Common and can be pre-arranged. You can also have a very magnificent view of the Lesatima and Kinangop peaks Of the Mt. Kenya and also have a view of the sun as it sets, hiding behind the great

Mt. Kenya. Be sure to be amazed and left amaze by this magical moment that can only

Be made real at the Aberdare National Park in Kenya.

Premium Accomodation: Aberdare Tree tops Lodge or The ark Lodge

Day 5: Aberdare National Park to Lake Nakuru lodge

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We are now headed to the Tremendous Lake Nakuru with many surprises

for us....


You have to see’s the breathtaking Nyahururu falls. Just 123 kilometers

From the Aberdare national park and approximately 2 hours’ drive through ndaragwa

And a very rugged terrain of hills and plains and forested lands. After all,

We are in the rich highlands,aint we? The Nyahururu Falls also commonly known as the Thomson’s falls. They are 74 M in height and are from the river Ewaso Nyiro.

Below is a misty dense forest. You can view the falls from above or follow a trait down to the bottom

Of the ravine. Very friendly baboons mingle with you as you go downstream There are many masai men and women who sell curios and some models

Just ln the banks which tell their rich culture. We will now head to the glamorous lake. Nakuru which is

64 km from the Thomson’s falls. You will notice the great Rift valley, Avery beautiful

Sight to gaze at. This will take about 1-hour 20minutes to get there. It’s a rift valley soda lake. Its richness in algae attracts flamingos along shore.188 km around the lake is fenced to protect the giraffes and also black and white rhinos. The park has more Than25 black rhinos. There are also a number of Rothschild's giraffe, east African lions, cheetahs and leopards. There are also large sized pythons in the park that are mostly in the woodlands.

There are also other bird species other than the flamingos that inhabit the lake E.gafrican fish eagle, goliath heron, hamerkop, pied kingfisher and verreaux's eagle and many others.

Premium: Sarova lion hill lodge or Sopa lake Nakuru lodge

Day 6: Lake Nakuru to Masai Mara

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Arise and shine. Here we come Masai Mara! 310 kilometers from

Lake Nakuru and approximately 6 hours’ drive. You will go through the hills and valleys of molo to kericho where you will See very large tea plantations, then down to keroka and finally our destination.

The Masai Mara National Reserve. Which is at the boarder of Kenya and Tanzania.

After a hearty meal and interactions with the maasai's employees whose culture is

Really enriching and motivating from their dances to their way of dressing and will have an afternoon Gamedrive Masai Mara is rich in animal wildlife and birds and beautiful scenery. In case you visit around July -October...Well lucky you since You get to see the great wildebeest migration that is part of great history. Masai Mara is 1510 sq. kilometers and is raised 1500-2170 meter Above sea level. It hosts over 95 mammal species and over 570 bird species.

It also hosts the Big cat’s family. You are sure to be amazed and the best experience in your life.

Premium: Kilima Mara Lodge, Sekenani lodge or

Day 7: Masai Mara

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With a busy day for us to explore'll need to be enthusiastic for This day, so yeah!

Its home to the big five animals Elephant, lions, leopard, Rhinos, Buffalo's and Other animals you'll see are zebras, antelopes, gnus, Orbis, hyenas, Giraffes, warthogs, gazelles, hartebeests, hippos, crocodiles etc.

The park has the largest concentration of African lions including the black Maned lion. Birdlife is also vast with over 400 bird species. Herds of plains zebras can be spotted all over the park. Masai giraffes too. In the Mara river. Hippos and crocodiles are spotted. If you want a sky-high view of the park, hot air balloon rides are the best option. Breakfast is prepared on the balloon burner on landing in the bush. Bird watching is also tremendously beautiful over there. You can set some time aside visits a masai village where you'll interact with the masai in their traditional ways of life. You’ll experience their culture where mostly. The masai morans will perform a traditional dance.

You can also purchase masai souvenirs art. Masai Mara has a damp climate and average temperatures of between 15°C -30°C.

Day 8: Masai Mara back to Nairobi

You set back to Nairobi 302 kilometers and approximately 5 and a half hours.

This is a tour from the plains to the highlands and finally

Into the glamorous city NAIROBI in time for your other travel arrangements. It was really nice having you in Kenya and I hope you had the best 8 days of your travel life and visit us more often



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