Karibu Tena Kenya Holiday

‘’Karibu Tena’’ means ‘’Welcome once again’’ in ‘’Swahili’’, the widely spoken language in East Africa.

After the world being put in a pause Kenya is once again welcoming international guests from all around the world. Kenyan people are waiting to welcome you with a big Genuine smile, visitors are genuinely cherished and appreciate tourists visiting our country. Covid 19 has truly impacted negatively and many tourist destinations in remote areas are having an extremely hard time and it will be nice that now the country is open to host as many international tourists as possible because these tourists not only have an excellent holiday but also create the much-needed employment in remote villages where the safari lodges and safari camps are located.

The professional oranje exclusive safaris team, with wealth of experience is alert and ready to organize for you safe & personalized safari holiday and beach extension as quick as possible to ensure you relax after the busy year full of uncertainty. As our Motto clearly states “We lead the leaders in service”

With sustainable tourism in mind, please note your holiday with us will not only be excellent but making the world a better place.

How to easily book your Kenya safari Holiday??

Kenya is well connected to the world with many airlines flying into Nairobi. Just to mention a few


Kenya airways

Turkish Arline

Ethiopian airlines



Rwanda airline

Once you have checked your international Ticket and decided on which airline, arrival date and time, please contact us to book your holiday from arrival City hotel, Safari and beach extension. We do not provide a total confusing price, we provide separate prices for each entity (city kenya hotel cost, Kenya safari with accommodations cost and Kenyan beach extension cost). The advantage of proving the different cost it allows you to choose what you find economical for you. If our beach extension cost is higher than what you get at for example bookings.com we allow you to book the extension separate to our safari and we will still organize the safari and transfers simplifying your holiday arrangement.

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