Luxury kenya glamping safaris From Mombasa

Glamping kenya safaris.When looking at organizing your safari to East Africa Kenya traditional camping have evolved to luxury glamping. Most of these glamping camps are small and some are unfenced allowing the animals to roam around the accommodation. It is very common to have feedback where animals were scratching their body using the accommodation.

How the glamping accommodation look like!

The accommodations are spacious built on a slab the Big canvas tents are covered by roof and protected by strong pillars for the security of our customers.

At the back of the spacious safari tents you will still enjoy the comfort of your private warm shower and Toilet.

Glamping accommodations in Tsavo east.

Satao Luxury camp Tsavo east

This glamping accommodation consist of 20 Luxury glamping Tents built in a semi-circular way all overlooking a critical man-made waterhole. The waterhole is lite at night allowing you to enjoy viewing animals at night from your accommodation.

The camp is not fenced but built in the best way possible to mingle well with the nature you will be amazed by the resident antelopes and the big population of elephants that visit the waterhole.

Their lunch is always served outside under a Tamarind tree overlooking the waterhole.

They have a family Tent that can take 4 people. You can upgrade and stay in the suite which is very close to the waterhole.

Ashnil Aruba six Glamping camp Tsavo east

Ashnil aruba lodge is a large lodge located in Tsavo east overlooking the Aruba dam. The lodge is fenced. By paying a supplement you can opt to upgrade to their Luxury Tents. The Tents are spacious but can only take a maximum of 2 per Tent. All Meals are served at their restaurant together with the other lodge guests.

Severin safari Glamping Tsavo west

A top luxury glamping located in Tsavo west. The accommodation is not fenced It is surrounded by water holes frequently visited by animals. Their open sided restaurant offers an excellent view of the top of Mount Kilimanjaro- the highest mountain in Africa

Elerai camp Amboseli

This Luxury camp is located a few Kilometers from Amboseli National Park. The glamping accommodation offers the best view of Kilimanjaro.

Kilima Amboseli

Glamping safari accommodation in Kenya located at the border of Amboseli national park.