Diani blue boutique Hotel

Diani blue formally, Asha Cottage is a lovely family-run boutique guesthouse located in Diani Beach, on the South Coast of Kenya. 

It was built in the Swahili form on one acre of seafront property also overlooks the Indian Ocean. 

This has not only a lovely open-air verandah that acts as a common entrance including a sitting room but also a pool facing the sea.

Not only Perfect for couples of all ages but also families with older children and single travelers looking for harmony and tranquility. In a home away from home setting.

The accommodation offers discreet, quality service that makes every stay extra special. Perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays and reunions, truly unique in its atmosphere and ambiance.



Diani Blue is a stunning coastal destination located in Kenya, known for its pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Situated in the popular Diani Beach area, Diani Blue offers a tranquil and luxurious retreat for travelers seeking relaxation and natural beauty.

The resort boasts a range of well-appointed accommodations, from spacious rooms to private villas, all designed with a blend of traditional African elements and modern comfort. Guests can indulge in the breathtaking views from their balconies or enjoy direct beach access, where they can soak up the sun or engage in water sports activities.

Diani Blue takes pride in its personalized service and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable stay for every guest. The resort also offers an array of amenities, including a swimming pool, a spa for rejuvenation, and a restaurant serving delectable cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood.