Diani beach is a small town bordering the Indian ocean in Kenyan south coast an ideal place to start or end your Kenyan safari and equally enjoy beach stay. The town is blessed with beautiful white sandy beach and warm ocean water which safe to swim and snorkel.

Looking for safari from Diani?

You can visit most of the famous Kenyan parks from Diani beach. You can choose to visit:

Shimba Hills 1 Day safari

Shimba hills National reserve is approximately 45 minutes’ drive from Diani beach. We highly recommend visiting shimba for a day tour only because the park is small coast rainforest park with poor visibility due to the thick vegetation cover. The highlight of this park is visiting the Sheldrick waterfall and the only park where you have a chance of spotting the sable antelopes. Please read more about shimba hills national park here

2 Days Tsavo east safari

Tsavo east National park from Diani beach which is approximately 3 ½ hours drive (150 km from Diani beach). We highly recommend visiting Tsavo east for one night or longer due to the time it takes to get to the park and the size of the park read more about Tsavo east here. 1-day Tsavo east is possible but you spend more time driving than the actual spotting of animals. In Tsavo east you will have chance of spotting the red elephants and big 4. you will not have a chance of spotting the rhinos.

3 Days Tsavo west and East safari

Three days safari from Diani beach visiting both Tsavo east and Tsavo west National parks. These parks will give you a high chance of spotting the big 5 (Rhino, Leopard, Lion, Elephants and buffalos and many different species of birds). You will also visit the Mzima springs at Tsavo west where you will have a short-guided Nature walk with an armed Ranger. At the springs you will spot Crocodiles and hippos basking. At an underwater viewing chamber, you will get a chance of seeing different species of fish. Part of the famous movie out of Africa was filmed here. Tsavo west is hilly and bushy.

4 Days Tsavo east, Tsavo west and Amboseli Safari

Four days safari visiting Tsavo west National park, Amboseli National park and Tsavo east National park. For this safari you will depart from Diani beach to Tsavo west National park for game drive and spotting of animals with overnight stay at your chosen accommodation. From Tsavo west you will proceed to Amboseli National park with a stop at the famous Shetani lava flow the most recent volcanic activity. Amboseli Is famous for large herds of Elephants and the magical view of Kilimanjaro the highest Mountain in Africa- 5894 meters. From Amboseli you will proceed to Tsavo east National park for game drive at the savannah and overnight stay in your chosen accommodation. For this safari we can customize it for part of it to travel by train where you will have less driving due to part of your journey being on the train and faster.

Flying Masai Mara safari from Diani beach

You can choose to Visit Masai Mara from Diani beach. For guests looking at visiting Masai Mara from Diani the only option is flying from Diani/ Ukunda airstrip. Diani beach to Masai Mara National Reserve is approximately 850 km and takes about 2 hours flying in the small 18 seaters planes. If you prefer to go by road, we recommend you book a 7 nights safari from Diani visiting other parks and Masai Mara then it becomes possible. For Guests opting to Fly the flight departs at 0800hrs, the 2 hours flight is very interesting because you will see different parks from air, if not clouded you will see on your right the famous snow caped Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro- The highest mountain in Africa. Once you land in Masai Mara you will be met by a resident driver guide who will take you to your chosen accommodation. Guest on this safari have a higher chance of spotting the big 5 among other different species of birds. Please read more about this flying safari here.

You can read more about the safaris from Diani beach here and the Kenya wildlife national parks here.

Diani tours

  1. Mombasa City tour from Diani beach

On this tour guests will be visiting Mombasa city which is the second largest city in Kenya with wealth of historical sites. You will be visiting the elephant tusk- The landmark of Mombasa built back in 1952 to commemorate a visit by princess Margret. The Tusks are located at Moi avenue. You will visit Fort Jesus an historical site built by the Portuguese. You will also visit the old town and old port as well. A local woodcarving factory is something you should never miss. A local Kenyan market will allow you compare with your market at home. You can opt for a full day or half day city tour visit.

  1. Dhow snorkeling and dolphin tours

This tour is a full day tour taking you to Kisite marine park. Early pick up before breakfast then proceed to Shimoni, driving through local villages before getting to Shimoni harbor, some hours cruise on a traditional Dhow to the marine park. Spend some hours snorkeling and dolphins spotting then cruise to an island for lunch after lunch cruise back to the mainland and proceed back to your Diani beach hotels. We have different companies offering the cruise tour, but we highly recommend Pili pipa dhow tours who have been offering this tour for years with impeccable services. We can also organize for your family a private tour to fulfill your wish.

  1. Diani Beach glass boat

This is a short few hour’s tour taking you to the reef for snorkeling and for guests not willing to snorkel they can see a lot from the glass bottom of the boat. Depending on your Diani beach hotel you will be picked up from your hotel by the boat or transferred to the starting point.

  1. Diani Bicycle tour

You will be picked from your beach hotel and transferred to Diani shopping center the starting point of your tour. This tour is ideal for guests willing to exercise a bit after weeks of delicious meals in your beach hotels. You will cycle to a local school under leadership of informative guides, after school visit you will proceed to Local villages, stop at local medicine man who will share with you, information about local native medicines. Continue to a local market before cycling back to the starting point. Transferred back to your beach hotel.

  1. Diani Village tour

You will be picked from your beach hotel by our informative guide to Ukunda local village where you will have ca chance to interact with the local people. Experience the local lifestyles of the villagers at different informal settlements of Diani. You will walk in the narrow roads between the shops, see different shops and visit a local village market before proceeding back to your Diani beach hotel.

Diani Beach restaurants

When staying around Diani beach you have many different restaurants and bars you can visit for your meals and drinks. The restaurants have friendly prices and mouth-watering meals.

  • Sails restaurant Rated 4 ½ stars by Trip advisor

Sails restaurant is a high-end restaurant found around Diani beach. It is in Almanara high end hotel, the prestigious hotel is a normal VIP joint visited by many world-famous leaders.

  • Blue Marlin Restaurant Rated 4 star by Trip advisor

A high-end restaurant located at the Diani beach with excellent view of the ocean making it possible to enjoy your meals and drinks while enjoying the sea breeze. It is in Blue marlin hotel. It is very normal for monkeys to visit your restaurant as u enjoy your meals.

  • Nomads beach bar and restaurant Rated 4 ½ stars by Trip advisor

A prestige bar and restaurant located at Diani beach surrounded by bush and close to their boutique hotel Nomads beach hotel. They serve the best Pizza. Residence Monkeys will entertain you by trying to steal your meal. The white sandy beach and blue Indian ocean is magical view. Next to the restaurant you will find a diving booking office that can take care of your diving, kite surfing queries.

  • Ali Barbour cave restaurant Rated 4 ½ stars by trip advisor

Diner setting in this unique restaurant is something you will remember for life. The restaurant is in a cave with open sky and surrounded by bush. It is quite common that you have your diner in the cave as you enjoy the thousand stars view above you. The restaurant can be booked and free transport provided for all Diani beach guests. You can easily request your receptionist to call and book you in.

  • Havana Restaurant Rated 4 star by trip advisor

This restaurant is  in Diani Baharini shopping Centre along the Diani beach road. Ideal for Lunch or diner and serve delicious pizzas from their outside firewood pizza oven.

  • Tiki Bar and restaurant Rated 4 ½ star by Trip advisor

This Bar and restaurant is found close to Diani shopping center on the Diani beach road opposite the road to Ukunda air strip. The restaurant is owned by Belgian local who manages it above European standards. For the best cocktails and meals, we highly recommend them.

  • African pot bar and Restaurant 4 star by Trip advisor

African pot restaurant allows you to enjoy Kenyan meals. The restaurant is found opposite Leonardo restaurant on the Diani beach road. As an international customer visiting Kenya, we highly recommend visiting so that you can taste Kenyan food. You can try Pilau (spiced rice and meat) or chapatis.

  • Leonardo’s Bar and restaurant Diani beach rated 4 stars by Trip advisor

Owned by locals originally from Italy this restaurant serves the best pizza in a romantic setting. They have good cocktails as well

  • Bermann Bar and restaurant

A local new bar and restaurant located on the Ukunda Diani beach restaurant. A good restaurant for local meals and drinks. Best spot to watch international games.

It is amazingly easy to visit these restaurants when staying around Diani beach. You can choose to get a Taxi from your hotel or walk to the hotel entrance of your beach hotel and at the Diani beach road get a Tuk Tuk (3 people maximum per Tuk tuk) and request the driver, who speaks good English to take you to the restaurant of your choice.

However when at the restaurant no need for the Tuk Tuk driver to wait, you can easily get another one to take you back to your Hotel.