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Big Five Kenya

big five africa safari

In the Safaris with Oranje Safari you will have a big chance of spotting the Big Five some animals are harder to spot than others.

The term Big Five was initially instituted by big-game seekers as an approach to depict the subtlety of Africa's most intriguing wild creatures. For seekers following creatures by foot, the lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros were seen as  the most perilous to hunt. Simply said the hardest animals to hunt !  In These days, Kenya's Big Five are secured by the preservation laws and other hostile to poaching endeavors are set up, however for guests to Kenya to get  an upclose  impression is as yet a test.

African Elephant

amboseli elephants

Did you know:

The most Elephants fold their ears to chill off their body temperature?

Buti in spite of their size, elephants can walk quietly through the hedge since they stroll on the tips of their toes – which is really a  thick pad made up of flexible tissue.

Amboselli in Kenia is famous for its elephants. But so is Tsavo for its red elephants !



rhino kenya safari

Did you know:

The Rhinoceros have wandered the earth for more than 50 million years!

The Rhinos have poor vision, but they do have a great feeling of smell, and great hearing.


Did you know:

That Lions are the most social of all felines, living in prides of a few females, and working agreeably to chase and raise fledglings.

Lions will rest up to 20 hours a day ...what a live.

Masai Mara has famous Lions ! .. But the Tsavo Lions are also famous ..

tsavo lion 2

Man eaters of Tsavo

Tsavo’s lions achieved notoriety in 1898 during the building of the Mombasa-Nairobi railway. Building the iron bridge across the river (next to the highway between Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park) slowed the construction teams down for several months – the comparatively shallow but rocky ravine was a major obstacle – and two male lions began to snatch labourers (mostly Indian migrants from the Punjab and Gujerat) from their tents at night. It took nine months for Colonel JH Patterson, in charge of the bridge-building, to kill the lions, by which time more than thirty labourers had been killed by them, and the remainder had fled the railhead.


Did you know:

A panther has lots of spots (really called rosettes) they are formed diversely relying upon their living space. In eastern Africa they are round  but square in southern Africa.

The Panthers are a definitive competitor, they are having the capacity to keep running at rates of more than 35 mph and have been known to have the capacity to bounce 10 feet noticeable all around.


Did you know:

Try not to botch the physical likenesses of the wild ox for their tamed cousins. The Cape Buffalo is thought to be a standout amongst the most destructive of Africa's Big 5. They have been known to swarm predators and assault amusement seekers.

The Cape Buffalo has to drink each day – that is the reason you'll see them in crowds numbering in the thousands in the fields, however never discover them in the sweet.

Interesting Facts about the Big Five !

Seven Interesting Facts about Lions: 

  1. They are the most social cats on earth. Lions are the main felines that live in gatherings (prides) and need a considerable measure of contact with each other. Females share especially solid bonds as they stay in a similar pride forever and raise their fledglings together, with offspring suckling from any of the lactating females. 
  2. These felines are uproarious: a lion's thunder can be heard up to 5 miles (8km) away, empowering them to speak with each other over vast separations. The guys thunder all the more uproariously and much of the time, typically to announce region, call stray individuals from the pride and avoid rivals. Females call their fledglings with calm thunders and furthermore thunder for reinforcement when under danger. 
  3. Lions welcome each other by rubbing their heads against each other, trading fragrances that pass on data about their aims, mind-sets and late exercises. This material type of welcome additionally serves to frame and reinforce the bonds between lions. 
  4. African lions are presently just found in 8% of their memorable range. Wild lions are as yet found in a few regions of sub-Saharan Africa, in parts of southern and eastern Africa. Lions once possessed Northern Africa, Southwest Asia, Europe and India, yet of these zones they are presently just found in the Gir Forest National Park in of northwestern India. 
  5. The females do the chasing, yet the guys get the principal evening, when there are whelps in the pride. 
  6. They can find oblivious and the majority of the chasing is done during the evening, yet they are not totally nighttime. Lions are said to be crepuscular, which implies that they are most dynamic at sundown (just before dawn or soon after dusk). They are however crafty feeders that will chase whenever. 
  7. Lions invest a large portion of their energy dozing - these enormous felines rest up to 20 hours a day!

Seven Interesting Leopard Facts: 

  1. Not at all like lions, panthers are hostile to social antisocial people. These single felines abstain from associating with each other past mating and raising youthful fledglings. 
  2. The biggest feline species to climb trees frequently. Panthers can drag prey weighing up to three times their own body weight up into trees more than 20 feet (6 meters) tall and they can likewise chase from trees. Panthers even rest in trees! 
  3. These versatile cats are found in the most differing territories of all the enormous felines, occupying both forsakes and timberlands. Their capacity to make due over a scope of natural surroundings has empowered panther populaces to get by in far flung parts of the world, including India, China, Central Asia and Africa. 
  4. Panthers don't thunder, they bark and growl. At the point when upbeat they even murmur. 
  5. The panther preys on a wide assortment of animal types, from creepy crawlies, rodents and reptiles, to fowls and warm blooded creatures, including gazelles as extensive as elands, and even giraffes. 
  6. Panthers are not just agreeable in water, they are in truth solid swimmers that occasionally eat angle and even crabs. 
  7. A panther's spots are called rosettes as the bunches of dim spots look like roses. Their light coats fixed with dull rosettes give incredible disguise to these subtle seekers, particularly in the dappled shade of trees.

Seven Interesting Elephant Facts: 

  1. Elephants can get sunburnt! They toss sand on their backs and heads to forestall sunburn and keep creepy crawlies off their skin. Their skins are extraordinarily extreme, however they can likewise feel a little creepy crawly strolling on their skin! 
  2. They have the longest development time of all land well evolved creatures at 22 months bringing forth calves weighing 120kg! Elephant cows conceive an offspring remaining strong with individuals from the crowd framing a defensive hover around her as her calf is conceived. 
  3. Child elephants are conceived practically visually impaired and a few people suck their trunks for solace, like the way youthful people suck their thumbs. 
  4. Elephants love to swim and can swim for long separations utilizing their trunks as alternative snorkels. The storage compartment is an adjusted nose utilized for snatching, washing, noticing, drinking and can get something as little as a grain of rice. 
  5. Elephants have exceptionally touchy cushions under their feet, making it feasible for them to walk unobtrusively in spite of their tremendous weight. The underneath cushions go about as safeguards. 
  6. The elephant's nearest living relatives are the dugong and a rat like warm blooded creature called the hyrax (generally known as the dassie). 
  7. Like people these social animals react to the demise of a group part in ritualized ways. Elephants frequently "cover" the expired and remain at the grave for a couple days, notwithstanding hinting at grieving.
Big Five Kenya

Tripadvisor Reviews

  • "Amazing Experience"


    Harry assisted us with organizing our vacation from start to finish. We booked transfers, flights, the safari and hot air balloon ride at Governor's Camp in Masai Mara all through Oranje. Upon our arrival to JKO, a representative with Oranje was present to assist us. We had several flights booked and a rep with the company was there for each departure and arrival. We had an amazing time and enjoyed every moment in Nairobi, Masai Mara, and Diani.
    -Willem Jan, Netherlands

  • “Spectacular Safari”

    “Spectacular Safari”


    Just had an incredible 4 day safari with Oranje through Tsavo East, West and Amboseli. The highlights were mating elephants and mating lions, and three hunting cheetahs seen at close quarters. We saw hundreds of other animals including hippos, and crocodiles eating a baby hippo at Mizumi Springs. Our Driver Alex was very knowledgable and a skilled driver who made us feel safe at all times. We had excellent service from him and Harry who were regularly checking that everything was OK, and they chose superbly located lodges near watering holes where we saw an array of animals every night. We had a private safari in a huge land rover so the trip was spacious and there were cold drinks on board and frequent toilet stops. Everything ran on time, and Oranje is also well covered with flying doctor insurance. I highly recommend a safari with Oranje.

  • “9 days safari perfectly organised”

    “9 days safari perfectly organised”


    Harry, the owner of Oranje Safari, was a good help in planning our trip to Kenya. By visiting the diiferent parks, we did not only see a lot of wildlife, but did also see all kinds of different and beautful landscapes. Our guide Alex was top!. He has eyes like a hawk and knows a lot about the wildlife, and is specialised in birds.

    At first we were a little worried about working directly from Belgium with a local agency. But Oranje Safaris dit not only offer a personal service, but also reacted promptly on any question. What a difference compared to the travel agencies in Belgium. We recommend Oranje Safari to everyone who wants to go on safari in Kenya without any worries.



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